StephanieAbout Stephanie

Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie. I joined the Pet Barn team in January of 2017 and hit the ground running. I have been working in the pet world since I was 16 and can’t see doing anything else. I have always loved animals and can’t live without one. I have a dog name Leia (yes, like the Princess) and a betta fish named Doug.

Since I have been so involved in the pet world for so long I have gained quite the wealth of knowledge. From answering some “weird” questions to solving some of the most difficult food sensitivities or skin problems. I’ve seen or heard it all! This job is far from glamorous but it is so rewarding. I pride myself on being familiar with just about every animal, including their nutrition and care.

In my spare time, you’ll find me at various places trying out the latest and greatest gluten free menus. If you need a recommendation, I’m your girl! I love going to the dog park and the coast, even in the rain. 🙂