19937_103632829662480_3830461_nAbout Larry, Laurel, Snowball & Suzie

Pet Barn opened in 1987 with the hope of being the best. Our staff continually strives to meet that goal and are now proudly providing many repeat customers with the pet supplies they need. Our customers look to us for great quality and incredible service. We try to deliver on these expectations every day. We believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed. While we are not the biggest in the area, we do feel we are the best! We work very hard to provide you the quality pet foods, pet supplies, and pet services you look for and deserve. If you are a current customer, you know what we mean; if not, we hope that you come by and see for yourself.  We are here for you and your pet supply needs. 

Larry oversees store operations Sunday through Thursday, and can be found diving at the Oregon Coast Aquarium on Fridays.  He’s got his Advanced Open Water Certification, and prefers dry suit diving in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys warm water diving in Honduras and Mexico.  Larry and Laurel have a long history of adopting greyhounds.  The two in the above picture are Suzie and Snowball.  They both lived long and healthy lives exceeding the normal life expectancy for the breed by a couple of years.  We have recently adopted a new greyhound who just happened to also have the race track name of Suzie.  We are now calling her Suzie II.  We also have a cat friendly home.  Our two feline friends are the big orange boy Clarence, and his petite partner in crime Peanut.  We and our staff love our pets, and we love our customers pets, that’s why we spend our time researching and recommending only the healthiest foods, treats, and supplies to our great customers.  Thank You For Visiting.