About Our Pet Dental Products

We stock a wide variety of pet dental bones and supplements. 

Pet Dental

These days a dental cleaning for dogs and cats typically costs between $300 and $500.  Routine brushing and providing dental chews can cut back on how often a cleaning is necessary.  Our pet dental chew section consists of Ark Naturals in regular or senior formulas, Whimzees in a bunch of fun shapes, C.E.T enzymatic rawhide, Natural Balance Chews, and Greenies.  Whimzees dental chews are our newest edition.  They bring a little more entertainment to oral health with alligator and hedge hog shaped dental chews.  We also carry the Mad About Organics line of dental supplements, gels, and water additives.  The Dental Plaque remover is a kelp based powder that activates natural enzymes in the saliva to prevent plaque and calculus from forming. Herbal Gel is a non brushing treatment, it works by way of a natural process through the dog or cats saliva to help kill bacteria and break down plaque.  They also have the water additive as a breath freshener and maintenance.

Mad About Organics Pet Dental

  Wysong Denta-treat is an additional enzyme type supplement that we carry.  It works similarly to the Mad About Organics, but it utilizes a cheese enzyme rather than kelp.  We are happy to special order any chews or supplements that you request.  As far as toothpaste is concerned we carry the Petrodex brand.  We have carried multiple brands in he past but Petrodex has proven to be the most effective.  We are more than happy to order for you anything not in our regular line up.  Feel free to call on us for all your pet dental needs!

Pet Dental Items In Stock

Breath-Less Chewable Toothpaste Petrodex Toothpaste
Mad About Organics Smart n’ Tasty
C.E.T. Chews and Toothpaste Triple Pet Finger Brush
Greenies Tropiclean