About Our Pet Health Products


We work very hard to ensure a wide selection of the pet health products that are necessary to ensure the health of your pets.  Oral hygiene, flea and tick control, healthy skin and coat, and pain free joints are a just four of the many important factors in keeping your pets happy.  We have a lot of supplements in all different styles.   Animal Essentials offers a large variety of pro-biotics, immune tinctures, and an assortment of condition specific supplements. Our newest addition for natural flea control is the Body Guard brewers yeast and garlic supplement.

“Body Guard is a whole food supplement for dogs and cats. It contains bio-available nutrition that is meant to close the gap between commercially manufactured pet food and what our pets would get from a species appropriate diet found in the wild. While our goal with this product was to improve skin and coat condition as well as boosting the immune system, we discovered an amazing collateral benefit: Body Guard is a safe and effective flea repellent.”


Speaking of fleas.  We carry the AdvantageII, Advantix, and Seresto Collars.  We stock the two and four packs only in the spot on treatments. We are happy to order the larger quantity packs at our customers request.  Along with these treatments, we also have a number of natural flea and tick shampoos, and weekly administered oils from Mad About Organics.  For treating the home we have diatomaceous earth from Lumino.  Our Skin and Coat supplements consist of a number of brands that have different sources of oils. These include; salmon, pollock, sardine, hempseed, anise, wheatgerm, and various other vegetable oils. We have many dental supplements and chews to promote healthy oral hygiene for your dog and cat.  Mad About Organics plaque remover, and herbal gel are the most recent addition to our pet health care line.  Plaque remover is a daily supplement derived from varied sources of seaweed that does an excellent job of preventing the build up of tarter. We carry an assortment of products that will promote a high quality of care in these, and many other categories involving your pets health.

Come by and check out our pet health products selection for yourself, or give us a call anytime: 503-641-9443