About our pet waste management products

Pet waste management, oh where to begin.  Poop bags, I’ll start with poop bags.  The great debate in the clean up bag world of pet waste management is Biodegradable vs. Non- Biodegradable. 

Pet Waste Management

On one end biodegradable are great for the obvious reason that it means fewer plastic bags in the world.  On the other end the argument is that our land fills were never designed to accommodate that much waste, as a result the bags are biodegrading and the excess feces is absorbing into the soil and seeping in to our underground water supplies.  My answer to the great debate is stock both kinds, and let the consumer choose for themselves which style of waste management system is the best for the individual consumer.  This is Portland, so I’ve found that 75% of our customers still prefer the plant based biodegradable option simply because the manufacturing process creates less pollution, thus gives them an edge over plastic.  There are many varieties of bags out there, of which we stock Bags on Board, Domingo, Pooch Pick-up, and last but not least, our local brand who’s providing local jobs in Wilson ville, Trellis Earth Products.  Trellis Earth not only makes poop bags, but also grocery bags, trash bags, food storage containers, and many other earth friendly products.  We are proud of the fact that all of our grocery bags are made by this company as well.  We also have a reasonable selection of of different poop scooper if your the type to bypass the bags altogether and compost your pets waste.  We special order the in ground units and enzyme tabs for them that enable you to digest your pets waste in your back yard so your not using plastic or filling the landfills.  Regardless of what category you fall into, we have the products and tools that you need to have a clean stool free backyard and neighborhood.  If you have any pet waste management questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask; we are here to help.

Waste Management Products In Stock Now:

Bags on Board Little Stinker Scooper
Doo-n-Go Yellow Dog
Four Paws