About our stain & odor control products

Pet Stain and Odor Control is important.  Whether you have a dog or cat, birds or even reptiles, at some point you will need to clean up a mess or two. 

Stain and Odor Control

Our extensive selection of stain and odor removers will fit the bill for the quick wipe up on hardwoods to the deep set in stains.  We have a variety of enzyme cleaners, enzyme bacteria combos, chemical cleaners, and really effective odor zappers.  Our tried and true brand is made by Cleanup Inc, it is a locally made enzyme clear made right here in Portland called Biozyme.  It contains three trillion biological enzymes per gallon, and is formulated to digest proteins, urine and feces.  The only time we have run out is due to the fact that our supplier had to make a fresh batch before they could ship, ensuring that we always have a current potent supply.  We also have an array of other brands that we have return customers very happy with.  Tropi-Clean makes a line with different varieties based on what kind of flooring you have in your home.  They have a version for carpet, both in a sprayer and an injector cap bottle, along with a mix made specifically for hardwood floors, and a crate and kennel spray.  Our other brands of enzyme cleaners are Nature’s Miracle, and Urine Off, these brands come in both dog and cat specific varieties. The only chemical based cleaner that we carry is Get Serious.  Get Serious improves in efficacy when heated, and is our go to for the deep set in stains.  We also have a variety of litter pan cleaners, and products made to eliminate odors in a matter of seconds made by Zero Odor.  If your pet makes a mess, we will surely have the products and tools for a quick painless clean up.  Stop by and see for yourself.  If you have any stain and odor control questions, do not hesitate to ask us; we are happy to help.

Pet Stain and Odor Control Products In Stock:

Biozyme Pawsitively Clean
Get Serious Tropiclean
Nature’s Miracle Urine Off