About our pet kennels

Dog and cat kennels and crates come in a few different styles and materials.  There are hard shell plastic dog kennels, wire dog crates, soft sided kennels, and duffel style travel bags. 

Pet Kennels

As far as the hard shell kennels are concerned, we carry the Miller Crate brand, they are a double door with a door on the end and side.  We also carry the wire dog crates from Precision Pet Products.  They are available in a single door model, a double door model with a door on the side, and a door on the end, or a three door model where there is a door on the side, a door on the end, and an opening on the top for easy access.  While we only stock the double door model, we would be happy to order in either the single or the triple door models.  We have a wide selection of crate pads from West Paw Design, and Midwest that fit all sizes of kennels available.  We keep in stock on a regular basis the Original Sherpa bags, which are a duffel bag style that are approved for under the seat travel for all major airlines.  Midwest Pet Products also makes a line of exercise pens that come in heights of 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”.  These clever little fences come with eight two foot wide panels that are connected on the edge of each panel.  This means you can adjust it from an octagon shape, to a 6’x2′ run, or a 4’x4′ square.  They easily fold up to block doorways, or slide under couches or beds for easy storage.  They also have eight ground stakes included so you can set up a more permanent pen in the backyard if you like.  If there are any pet kennels you are looking for, please let us know and we can help try and locate it for you.

Our Kennels In Stock:

Midwest Exercise Pens Miller Double Door
Petmate Precision
Precision Sherpa’s