Since we already covered shampoo in the health section, were going to focus more on grooming supplies such as combs, brushes, nail trimmers and files, clippers, and DE-shedding tools. 

Grooming Supplies

We have the right supplies for tackling dogs and cats with really long or short hair, or thick hard to comb undercoats. Safari, a Coastal Pet Products name, is the primary grooming tool brand that we carry.  From them we carry a wide selection of fine tooth combs, slicker brushes, Shed Magic tools, nail trimmers in both scissor and guillotine styles,  flea combs, DE-matting rakes, and rubber grooming tools.  We also have many of the same style combs, brushes, and trimmers in the Con Air Pro line. Along with their regular line of grooming supplies, we  have their grooming scissors, and electric hair trimmers and clippers in both a large and small breed size.  Kong pet products also makes a line of dog and cat brushes.  They work very well for removing those pesky undercoats.  The Kong brushes are made out of a rubber material that works very well for collecting hair from furniture and car seats.  Nail trimmers aren’t the only nail tools we have, we also carry Gentle Paws, the rotary nail file from Oster.  If you happen to trim the nails a little to far we have Kwik-Stop, a cauterizing powder to stop bleeding from the nails quick. Grooming supplies shouldn’t be limited to pets though, we have dog and cat hair removers for use on furniture, and lint rollers and refills for your clothes too.   We have also recently brought in to stock a product called Zero Odor which will eliminate skunk odors from your pet. When you combine these grooming tools with our shampoos and grooming wipes, you’ll end up with quite the presentable pet.  If you have any questions about these grooming supplies or any others please feel free to ask, we are happy to help.

Grooming Products We Stock:

Conair Pet Kwik Stop Styptic Powder
Kong Zoom Groom Safari