About our collars, leads

We have a lot of options available for collars & leads.

Collars & Leads

We carry a huge selection of bold colored collars & leads from Coastal Pet Products.  We have both the plastic buckle Tuff collars, and the metal buckle Titan collars.  Coastal Pet Products makes the line of choke chain and prong collar lines that we carry, along with cable tie outs in 10′, 15′, 20′, and 30′ lengths.  Speaking of cables, Oregon based Mutt Gear has a line of chew proof cable leads in 4′ and 5.5′ lengths that we stock in many colors.  Our selection of harnesses is split between Red Dingo for our nylon, R.C. Pets for our padded vest style, and EZ Dog and PetMate for the car safety harnesses.  As for patterned styles, we carry the Lupine products, and try to keep new and interesting patterns coming into stock.  One of our newest brands has recycled bicycle inner tube collars with patterns, bold colors, and reflective options that are made right here in Portland by Cycle Dog.  Abigail and Jax our resident French Bulldogs always like to look their best sporting the fun patterns from Cycle Dog.  Two new leads we have are a recycled climbing ropes from Krebs, and Red Dingo nylon leads that are adjustable from 4 to 6 feet. We carry a large variety of cat collars also.  We have a lot of the same fun patterns on our Lupine cat collars, along with a large amount of bold colors.  Safe cat collars that have either a quick release buckle, or elastic collars that stretch to release make up the majority of what we offer for cats.  Reflective collars are available in multiple colors for both dogs and cats.  Now for those pesky pullers, we carry harnesses, head collars and leads that put these strong willed dogs in check.  For harnesses and head collars, we carry the Sporn and Premier head collars and harnesses, and have recently added the Seattle based Wonder Walkers to our lineup.  We also have bungee leads to help with pulling made by Rok Straps.   How could we leave out our large supply of retractable leads? We carry the Flexi brand, and have most of their colors and lengths. Even with our large selection of collars & leads, and related products, were constantly hearing of new and intriguing ideas, and are happy to research new collars & leads options for you.

Dog collars & leads

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle Premier Collars, Leashes, and Halters
Coastal Harnesses, Collars, & Leashes Quiet Spot Tag Silencer
Red Dingo Pet Tags Red Dingo Harness and Leads
Lupine Collars & Leashes Sporn Halters
Cycle Dog Collars and Leashes R.C. Pets

Cat collars & leads:

Elastacat  Premier
Harmony Collars & Harnesses Safe Cat
Lupine Sophistipets
New Earth Soy Collars