About Bowls & Food Storage Products

Bowls & food storage items for your pet have become more sophisticated.  In the last few years, a few companies like Drinkwell who is now owned and operated by PetSafe, and Pioneer Pet Products have come out with water fountains that keep the water circulated and fresh.  Studies have shown that clean, fresh water entices cats and dogs to drink more often, helping them to have healthier urinary tract and kidney function.  Both Drinkwell and Pioneer pet fountains are veterinarian used and recommended.  Dog and cat bowls have taken advancements too. They have no tip and no slip dishes, slow feed bowls, travel bowls, anti spill bowls for the car, and feeders that catch the overflow from messy eaters.  We have recently added a variety of colorful slow feed bowls from Kyjen!


We carry a variety of stainless steel, ceramic, and high grade plastic feeders.  Our Ceramic bowls have a very pretty gray outside and blue inside glazes.  One of the causes of cat acne is from bacteria growing in the scratches made in cheap plastic bowls, that’s why we stock a large variety of ceramic and stainless steel pet dishes. We also havebasic elevated diners, and adjustable diners for large growing dogs. We have a variety of kennel cups that attach inside the kennel door in plastic and stainless steel styles.

We keep a limited supply of gravity feeders because in most cases its better to avoid free feeding, but we do have some in stock.  Along with the bowls themselves, we also carry a great selection of air tight food storage bins made by Vittle Vault, and a few different food mats to keep your floor a little cleaner..  Stop by and check out our selection.

Standard Bowls and Accessories:

Durapet Stainless Steel JW Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl
Cadet Stainless Steel Petmate Ultra Feeder
Dexas Gripp Mat Superpet Stoneware
Kyjen Slow Feeders

Travel Bowls:

Snap’y Fit Crate Bowls Thirsty Dog Pet Bottle
Dexas Collapsible Bowls Treat Tote
Jolly Pets Road Refresher Water Hole Antisplash Bowl

Food Storage:

Dexas Suction Lid Vittles Vault 

Water Fountains & Filters:

Drinkwell Fountains and Filters Petmate Filter Cartridges
Pioneer Pet Fountains