About Our Wild Bird Products

Living in Oregon, how could you not love the abundance of wild life that we are blessed with?  Being that we appreciate the local wild life, we like to order our wild bird supplies from local distributors and manufacturers. Natures Cafe is our primary line of wild bird foods, they are located in Federal Way Washington. 

Wild Bird

They’ve got everything from black oil sunflower to no waste patio mixes and squirrel mixes.   We have two local distributors of wild bird products that we order from, Animal Supply Company, And Z-Bird Products.  Animal Supply Company has a warehouse in Seattle Washington, and another in Clackamas Oregon, we get most of our seed and supplies from them.  Z-Bird Products is located just across the river in Vancouver Washington, often times we just drive up to get our orders they’re so close.  From Z-Bird, we get almost all of our bird feeders made by  Aspects, Droll Yankees, and Brome.  They’ve also got a line of eco-friendly feeders made from recycled materials that we keep in stock.

We’ve got quite a good selection of hummingbird feeders too. Some are a little more extravagant, and others are really affordable but still get the job done.  We also carry the nectar mixes for our hummingbird feeders.  We carry a variety of wild bird and squirrel foods from Nature’s Cafe, C&S, and Chuckanut. Yes, I said squirrels. The wild bird feeding community is split between those who feed the squirrels, and those who don’t.  At Pet Barn we enjoy the company of  everyone, and are happy to meet your squirrel supply needs as well.  We also have a decent selection of bird suet, bird feeders, and nesting materials. If you want to come in and just chat about what shenanigans are going on in your backyard, our staff would be happy to lend an ear.  Stop by and have a look around.  If you don’t find the wild bird products or wild bird supplies you are looking for, let us know, we are happy to help you find what you are looking for.


Some of our wild bird products in stock:

Sleek & Sassy:

Black Stripe Sunflower Seeds

Dove & Quail

Western Wild Bird

White Proso Millet



Berry Treat

Insect Treat

Peanut Trea

Seed Treat

Nature’s Cafe: 

All Nut Blend

Fruit & Nut Blend

High Energy Blend

P’Nuttier Blend

Sunflower Blend



Droll Yankees

Squirrel Buster

Single and Double Suet Feeders

Thistle Sock


Feeder Cleaning Brush

Kaytee Mealworms

Nest Builder

Rain Guards

Seed Trays



Droll Yankees

Nature’s Nuts

Perky Pet


C&S Squirrel Snak


Corn Cob Feeders

Nature’s Cafe



Albers Feed 

Kaytee Mealworms

Purina Oyster Shells