About Our Reptile and Aquatics Products

Our reptile & aquatic sections have everything from foods to filters.  Our ability to order direct from vendors like Hagen and Penn Plax makes it easy for us to keep an ample supply of aquarium and reptile products on hand for your purchase.  

Reptile and Aquatics

Many other reptile and aquatic products and supplies; including tanks and terrariums are done on a special order basis.  There are many kinds of aquariums that you can have ranging from Tropical aquariums, to African Cichlid tanks with species from Lake Tanganyika being the most difficult to maintain.  Aquariums come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as fresh or saltwater.  They also come in glass or acrylic. The Three main kinds of habitats for reptiles are Temperate kept at 50-80*F, Tropical kept at 75-90*F, and Desert habitats that have a larger range from 50-100*F.  The basic types of habitats are Subterranean, Savana/Desert, Woodland/Forest, Tall Planted, and Simple/Hygienic vivariums.  Reptile and Amphibian lighting can be very simple or incredibly complicated.  Some only require a basic basking lamp, where others require heat bulbs in combination with UVA/UVB bulbs, and finally, the most complicated is heat bulbs, and UVA/UVB in conjunction with a mister that regulates the huminity of the habitat.  Leopard Geckos tend to be great for beginners, and Veiled Chameleons are much more advanced with many varying difficulties in between.  Because there are so many options available in the reptile and aquatic fields we only keep in stock the necessities,  but are more than happy to order any products that you are interested in.  At Pet Barn we understand that your scaly companions are also members of the family, and we are here to provide you the products you need.  If you have any reptile and aquatic product needs, do not hesitate to contact us about them; also,  If you would like us to find a product for you we will do our best!