At Pet Barn we are always looking for new products for you to come check out!

Reilly’s HEMPVET Hemp CBD supplement treats –  A brand new CBD/hemp treat with lots of health benefits, including ones with calming additives and joint aids. Both in 30 gram bags and 90 gram jars. Perfect for cats and dogs!Hemp Treats
We have done an overhaul of the toy wall! Now more to choose from!
toy wall 2toy wall 1
Ento Bento Cricket Protein Dog Treats – Dogs love them! They are great for sensitive dogs, too!
cricket protein treat
We have brought in a few new lines of food in the last couple of months. We really think they are going to do well for everyone. Great price points and even better ingredient lists!
Whole Earth Farms – For both Cats and Dogs. With a great protein and fat ratio ,a good blend of proteins, and at an even better price point, this could be the food for you! Ask an associate about it today!!
WEF cat
WEF dog
First Mate Grain Friendly Dog Food – Very similar to the already popular First Mate Grain Free Formulas, just a little more budget friendly and easy on the tummy! High in meat density, just with friendly grains!
grain friendly dog FM
First Mate Grain Friendly Cat Food – Replacing the original First Mate cat food, now with Indoor, too! Perfect for those indoor cats and easy on the wallet!
grain friendly cat FM
Merrick Backcountry for Cats – Got a picky cat? This is the food for you! With raw freeze dried pieces mixed in with the kibble, it’ll be your cats’ new favorite! Cats are true carnivores and need a high protein level in their food. This one is perfect for them and easy on the stomach!
backcountry cat
Stop by soon! We are always happy to help you find the right thing for your furry, scaled, feathered or underwater friends!