About Our Dog Treats

Think all dog treats are the same? Think again! When many people think about dog treats they think of the box of biscuits with an assortment of flavors. We do have many flavors of dog biscuits, but we also have so much more than that.

Are you training your pup? We carry low calorie training treats in many different flavors. We have beef, chicken, lamb, fish, and venison jerky treats. There are dog treats to help with joint problems or bad breath. There are grain free treats, allergy formula treats, and freeze dried meat treats. If you are looking for an extra special treat we have decorated gourmet dog cookies or huge biscuits that would be perfect. We’ve got treats made with pumpkin, sweet potato, peanut butter, fruits, or veggies. If you can’t find the perfect treat for your pup, ask if we can order the one you are looking for.

Dog Biscuits and Soft Treats

Nature’s Variety
Avoderm NutriSource
Blue Buffalo and Wilderness Old Mother Hubbard
Buddy Buscuits
Busy Buddy Pawsitively Gourmet
Charlee Bear Pet’N’Shape
Darford Portland Pet Food
Dogswell Primal
Fruitables Real Meat
Grandma Lucy’s Simply Natural
Grizzly Salmon Treats Smart’n’Tasty
Happy Howie’s Snicky Snaks
K9 Granola Factory Sojos
Kona’s Chips Solid Gold
Look Who’s Happy Tricky Trainers
Merrick Wellness
Natural Balance Wet Nose’s

Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Treats

Dr. Harvey’s
Gimborn Smiling Dog
Nature’s Variety The Honest Kitchen
Northwest Natural’s