We Stock Dog Chews of All Types

Do you have to give your dog chews, no, but why not.  Treating your dog for good behavior is great positive reinforcement and helps build a long lasting bond between the pet and their owner.

Wild Chewz

That said, when talking about dog chews, it’s a fact of life, dogs love them. Some dogs are pickier than others when choosing what to chew on. At Pet Barn, we have a wide selection of healthy and appropriate dog chews to help keep your pup busy.  Nearly all of the dog chews that we carry are United States sourced and manufactured.  Many of them are local to Oregon and Washington, and all of them are distributed in the Pacific Northwest.  Snooks is one of our favorite local chews, they are a dehydrated sweet potato treat that comes in sizes for large and small dogs available in bags, or chews with a hemp rope center.

Providing your pooch with raw hides, bully sticks, or bones will make it far less likely that you’ll have to replace your favorite slippers. We offer chews in sizes ranging from teenie to enormous so we’ve got something for dogs of all sizes.  Antlers, raw bones, compressed rawhide, bully sticks, and Himalayan Dog Chews offer durable solutions for the really powerful chewers. Always remember that safest way to treat your dog is by understanding their chewing habits, and providing proper supervision while your pet is chewing on any style of treat.  Stop by and pick up the dog chews your furry friend can’t live without!  Chew safely my friends.

Dog Chews in Stock and by Special Order:

A.B. Chews
All Natural Bully Sticks Nature’s Choice
American Farms Nylabone
Pet Factory
Barkworthies Pet’n’Shape
Red Barn
Happy Tails Rocky Mountain Antlers
Himalayan Dog Chews Savory Prime
Jones Smokehouse
Wholesome Hide
Wild Chewz